The Ops Team #024 – “DockerLove”

The Ops Team is a (sometimes) weekly show where (occasionally) 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, it’s just Matt and Oguz in the ‘studio’, with David MIA. No camera issues again this week, and hopefully you can see the progress the decorators are making on the wall behind – we now have a lovely textured white wall where the power boxes used to be – let’s hope there’s no more ghostly apparitions appearing there this week! In the news, there’s lots of love for Docker this week, after the recent DockerCon conference with both Matt and Oguz giving hat-tips to one of the most popular names in tech right now!

Here’s all the links and info on the topics we covered, along with the time stamps to jump to specific points in the video.

DevOps and OSS with Oguz Pastirmaci

Azure Stuff with Matt McSpirit

DevOps with Oguz Pastirmaci

On-Prem Stuff with Matt McSpirit

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